At Urology Associates we are dedicated to excellent patient care and ease of access, with this in mind we would like to introduce to you the Urology Associates
meridianEMR patient portal. Our goal is to provide our patients with another option for communicating with our office. At your next visit please provide us with your e-mail
address and we will generate a temporary password to better help you manage your healthcare needs.
Send us a General Message:

• Pharmacy Name and Location
• Name of Antibiotic (if requesting)
• Symptoms patient is experiencing

Request a Refill. Patients contacting the office regarding a medication refill are asked to provide the following:

• Pharmacy Name and Location
• Name of Medication
• Request an Appointment.

Patients requesting an appointment should include the following in their appointment request:

• Type of appointment requested
• Preferred date and time
• Please click on the links below to get started.