Our goal is to entice men, specifically between the ages of 40 and 70, to get out and be active and enjoy the environment we live in, the beautiful Flathead Valley, and experience the hiking, fishing and other activities the area has to offer.


Our primary focus is to help men establish a nutrition and fitness program that will promote and help maintain a healthier lifestyle. We have teamed up with certified health and wellness coaches at The Summit Medical Fitness Center and Kalispell Regional Healthcare but will be referring to other fitness programs and trainers as well, depending on what is convenient for the patient.

The American Urological Association and urology practices around the country have recognized three important health issues affecting American men:

1. Men have often failed to connect themselves with a health care provider for routine medical screening.
2. Many men are not attentive to their own health and wellness.
3. Men have particular health issues that they are uncomfortable confronting, such as infertility, ED and prostatism. They often do not seek immediate care.

In our practice, we have seen too many of our retirement aged male patients face limitations to their health and activities as a result of poor overall health and fitness that has accumulated from years of self-neglect. We hope to use this clinical effort to accomplish three goals:

1. Engage men to take responsibility for their own health.
2. Identify unrecognized medical conditions that warrant long-term management by a primary care physician.
3. Empower them to make lifestyle changes centered on diet, exercise and self-care.

Our hope is to screen for these issues and then refer to a primary care physician for long-term management, if the problem is determined to be chronic in nature. The goal is to help our male population avoid long-term consequences of unrecognized health issues.


Glacier Men’s Healthcare is your ‘one-stop shop’ for complete health exams and diet, fitness programs and much more.
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